JK Spray Foam

High quality and up to date insulation is an integral part of any property. Choosing to add spray foam insulation to your home or business ensures that there will be a reduction in heating and energy costs. 

Spray Foam insulation seals the property from the outside elements ensuring that even in the coldest of winters your property will be kept safe and warm. At Jk home improvements we can supply spray foam insulation to a wide range of properties.


Open Cell:

Open cell spray foam, leave the cells ‘open’ or breathable, allowing water vapour to escape while maintaining an airtight seal. This type of insulation is mainly used in residential properties to insulate attics, floors and roofs.

Closed Cell:

Chosen for use in some commercial properties closed cell spray foam insulation is less permeable than open-cell insulation and is ideally suited for environments where temperature control is a key element.

Spray Foam Process

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